Liberated Self - an immersive retreat

  • group: 25
  • including spa
  • from 1625 euro
  • in English

Join me for a unique cocoon designed to bring you home to a Self. The Self is the master key which answers the longing most of us feel for love, compassion, creativity, and wholeness. This retreat has been curated answer to the overwhelming need to nourish and clarify the mysterious beingness that connects us all together. This is the field we call Self

It is time for each of us to know the expansive, wide, real-world felt sense of the Self energy. Without which, everything else in our life is a mere shade of the full experience. In the yoga tradition, it is known as the Atman, The Shiva space, source energy, the big consciousness of life essence that takes up residence in each one of us.

This immersive retreat experience is curated specifically to allow time for you to immerse in the resonant field of Self. Combining Somatics, Embodied Flow practices, the Psychological model of Internal Family Systems, and Yoga we practice to cultivate this field which expands when we are together.

This experience is for you if:

  • Ready to unlock the doorways to freedom
  • You are looking for something less intense than a training but with just as much depth
  • Wish to find like minded tribe that resonate in an authentic field
  • Are ready to truly look under the hood of your vehicle
  • Like to dance, laugh and play

Together as we marinate in the essence of the essential ground of being its familiarity becomes permanently known. Through practices of meditation, free movement, Self-inquiry, somatic dancing, journaling and more we will dive into the frequency of Self-energy supported by Sardinia’s nature.

Sardinia is one of the few designated “Blue Zones” a place where nature and the humans living in it conspire to help people live better lives. Blue zones seem to facilitate lifestyles that bring about community, health, purpose, and integration in nature in it’s nature.

I have intentionaly called this an immersive retreat, meaning, it is not intended as a “vacation” but an advance in your tranformational journey of becoming you.

I feel passionately that this is the most important work we do in the landscape of yoga, and I invite you to enter with me into the mysterious realm of the I:i- the big Self and little self yoking in intimate union that is home.


  • Your entire stay

    Light, spacious and comfortable rooms with great mattresses, en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet, basin and vegan body care products. Decorated with heart, soul and lots of natural materials. Stunning views on the surroundings.

  • Healthy food

    Our vegetarian food during retreats is homemade and mostly from local farmers. We have a very good knowledge of food allergies and intolerances. We can cook delicious without gluten, dairy or anything else you might have to leave out. Enjoy three meals a day and an afternoon snack or vitamin shot.

  • Access to all facilities

    You will experience the tranquil atmosphere of Soul Valley as soon as you arrive. Dive into the sea-view pool and cleansing saunas. Activities take place in the light and spacious yoga hall and outside yoga plateau. Discover the relax areas on the site, panoramic meditation spots uphill and walking trails. It's possible to book an additional massage.

Daily Schedule

The retreat starts at 16:00 on the first day and will conclude at 10:00 on the last day. Check-in will be 14:00 May 25th and check-out 11:00 June 1st.

Please find a sample schedule below and note this is to give you an indication only. Finer details will be confirmed closer to the time.

7:00 - 8:00 Meditation, Pranayama, Journaling

8:00 - 8.30 Light Snack

8:30 - 10:30 Dynamic yoga and somatic movement explorations

10:30 - 11.30 Brunch/Lunch

11:30 - 16:00 Free Time

16:00 - 17:00. Practices for Nurturing Authentic Self

17:00 - 18:30 Restorative practices

19:00 Dinner


€ 2275 Single Room + Light Snack, Brunch & Dinner

€ 1625 Double Room + Light Snack, Brunch & Dinner, per person

Room Share Policy:

When booking a shared room while traveling alone, we will do our best to couple you with another same-sex participant who is traveling solo too. In case this is not possible, you will be required to upgrade to a single room. People are coupled based on the order in which bookings come in. So when you book early, there is a high chance that you can share the room with another participant.

For more info and bookings:

Retreat hosts

Tara Judelle

Tara Judelle

I have been on a journey of discovery for the past 30 years. It has taken me infinite times around the globe, to teachers of numerous disciplines in pursuit of truth. I have read books, sat in countless hours of meditation, bowed at the feet of, sacrificed in the fire, cried in recognition. I have taught students from ages 3-93. From celebrities to orphans. The human tapestry is my deepest fascination.

My greatest desire is to become a fuller more dimensional expression of the infinite free Self.

My method is a combination of meditation, inquiry, asana, free movement. Somatics that are based in the Tantric Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and Self Inquiry, curiosity, and desire to harness our human potential to realize a more embodied Self.

It is with my whole heart that I invite you to come play in the body/mind sphere with me and add your part to this ongoing laboratory of the Self.

Retreat into nature - header

Retreat into nature

Situated in a small private valley with stunning views over the nearby azure blue Mediterranean Sea and surrounding mountains. Enjoy true silence, clean air and starry nights to recharge from your busy daily life. Discover the walking trails around the property and the panoramic meditation spots uphill.

Soul Valley Map

Things to know

Practical info

  • Check-in Saturday from 3 pm
  • Check-out Saturday before 10 am
  • No alcohol
  • (Electricial) smoking only in designated area
  • Minimum age 18
  • Additional massages available


Please have a look at for more information about prices, booking and conditions.


If your stay needs to be cancelled due to new COVID-19 related traveling limitations, we will try to reschedule the retreat.

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