RAJA Lovers Retreat

  • group max 30
  • from 1950 euro
  • in English

What is the Essence of Desire, of Pleasure? Is it possible to use them as a stepping stone to Consciousness? Or is all a source of suffering? Desire and pleasure are part of the journey of life. They motivate our actions, decisions, and relationships. We get some momentary fulfilments from them and some frustrations too! The frustrations lead to more desire for pleasurable moments. It goes on and on. We are prisoners of this loop, and this generates a lot of suffering.

Is there a way out of the loop which doesn’t condemn pleasure and desire?

Tantra has developed methods teaching us to be desireless in desire.
How is that possible?
Entering the emptiness of the Heart is the essential Step!

The Raja Lovers Retreat explores this step through a Ritual involving the embrace, the caresses, and the kisses between two lovers. All the intimate gestures of the lovers are a means to fuse the body with intense life energy. While channelling this energy to the Heart, we provoke a meeting beyond ego, personality, restricted beliefs, and dreams. A true meeting happens by blending refined physical sensations with high awareness, discipline, and devotion during the Ritual.

The preparation for the Ritual during the retreat invites the lovers to move out of mechanical sex and mind projections and expectations. It is a profound enquiry into the body’s rhythms, breath, mind and the emptiness of the Heart. The retreat supports lovers in awakening their energies and bodies to refined sensitivity and vitality to activate their potential for love and consciousness.

What does Pema say about the Ritual?
“There are a few aspects of lovemaking from the Raja Ritual. The first one consists of realising that all the postures we take in sexual intercourse are a yoga of creation with specific patterns of energies. During the Ritual, you tap into these patterns to extract forces uplifting you into the Heart.
The second aspect concerns the biological aspect of the energy present during intercourse. If not used for creating a child, this aspect can be used for another type of creation. In the Ritual, you combine the energy patterns mentioned above with the biological element of creation to generate inner and outer forms of creation. It is a mysterious process that shifts intercourse into a new dimension.
Another aspect is about Desire, one of the powerful energies fuelling the Raja Ritual. There is a deep understanding of desire: whatever we desire, we want to be one with. It means desire is also a key to oneness. In the Ritual, we tap into desire to come to a point of unity where we become desireless at the peak of desire. It is a powerful transformation, bringing about a state of wonder, freedom and peace beyond words…”

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  • Your entire stay

    Light, spacious and comfortable rooms with great mattresses, en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet, basin and vegan body care products. Decorated with heart, soul and lots of natural materials. Stunning views on the surroundings.

  • Healthy food

    Our vegetarian food during retreats is homemade and mostly from local farmers. We have a very good knowledge of food allergies and intolerances. We can cook delicious without gluten, dairy or anything else you might have to leave out. Enjoy three meals a day and an afternoon snack or vitamin shot.

  • Access to all facilities

    You will experience the tranquil atmosphere of Soul Valley as soon as you arrive. Dive into the sea-view pool and cleansing saunas. Activities take place in the light and spacious yoga hall and outside yoga plateau. Discover the relax areas on the site, panoramic meditation spots uphill and walking trails. It's possible to book an additional massage.


The retreat is structured with whole day and night practices. It starts at 7 am and finishes around midnight. This intensive rhythm alternates with breaks for meals, swimming, and walking in nature.

The main areas of exploration:

  • Learning & practising the Raja Ritual
  • Practicing the Yoga of Creation
  • Entering the Great Desire
  • Centering in the emptiness of the Heart
  • Reviving Wonder
  • Opening to the forces of Creation

This retreat is devoted to lovemaking. However, it doesn’t mean you will move into intercourse in the group room. All the intimate practices are held in your private bedroom with your lover.

  • Intense whole day program

  • With breathing, meditation, presence and dance

  • Incredible surroundings and facilities

Retreat hosts

Photo Pema Gitama

Pema Gitama

Since 1999, Pema has been reviving the ancient tantric principles of the Kaula, based on practices that raise awareness of our actions and relations in our daily life.

She offers these insights to others in different ways:

  • The Kaula Heart of All, a family, which together evolves and creates a life rooted in love and awareness;
  • WildTantra, where she offers retreats based on ancient rituals, initiations, and methods transmuting life energy into the highest form of consciousness and love;
  • Pema Walk in Beauty, books where Pema transmits her Tantric experiences through stories which reveal Tantric wisdom from various lineages.

Her unique way of transmitting Tantra carries within it a great deal of wildness, love, sharpness and an unpredictable sense of humour, all of which add freshness to the intensive retreats which she leads around the globe.

Retreat into nature - header

Retreat into nature

Situated in a small private valley with stunning views over the nearby azure blue Mediterranean Sea and surrounding mountains. Enjoy true silence, clean air and starry nights to recharge from your busy daily life. Discover the walking trails around the property and the panoramic meditation spots uphill.

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Things to know

Practical info

  • Check-in Saturday from 3 pm
  • Check-out Saturday before 10 am
  • No alcohol
  • (Electricial) smoking only in designated area
  • Minimum age 18
  • Additional massages available


You can choose between our Early Bird Rate and Standard Rate. The discounted Early Bird Rate requires full prepayment by bank transfer or card, and in case you cancel you'll receive a voucher for 70%. A voucher is transferable and valid for three years. With the Standard Rate you pay a 30% non-refundable deposit after your booking, the rest can be paid by bank or upon arrival by card.


If your stay needs to be cancelled by Soul Valley due to new COVID-19 related traveling limitations, you will receive a full refund.

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